Erathian Empire

Prelude #1: Stonegaze

A patrol goes missing near Fardeep gate.

Heroes are summoned to the court of Skarg Godshammer who wanted them to investigate the dissapearance of a patrol near fardeep gate. Suspecting Drow the heroes consult the Drow Tavinia Spiderflask at the blind beholder tavern. She sends the heroes on her Dragon Josuvix Shadowlurk. Upon arriving the heroes learn that the dragon stole their identification papers and made off towards the ruins of Stonegaze in the underdark. The party pursues finding Tavinia’s Drow henchman guarding the ruin, after fighting their way through they find the central cavern of Stonegaze, a shaft Starwatch, here a mindflayer is peforming a bizare ritual bathing itself in cosmic energy to transform into a beholder.

Notes: This weeks adventure was a one off were everyone played 11th level characters.



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