Erathian Empire

Prelude #2: Hallows Eve

In Briarhollow a long standing debt to the hags must be repayed...

The characters travel with Lucien Roadfoot and Zoriene Quickstrike to the town of Briarhollow. On the journey there the heroes find a sending stone, one of a pair belonging to the child Diri and her Father who are inseperable. Forced by Eldritch watherings to seek refuge in the town inn the heroes see Briarhollows mansion in a ruined state then fine. At the inn odities continue as the bard sweats and wimpers as he plays a lame tune. The heroes learn that the townsfolk are illusions, they are really undead. Forced to flea they reach the manor house which provides temporary relief. However the heroes learn this too is an illusion and that the lady of the house is supposed to deliver them as payment for an outstanding debt to a coven of hags. The heroes defeat her minions and the dwarf vampire Modriella Coolforge and deliver her corpse as payment to the hags. The witches reluctantly take the payment of an equalizing of the stakes and leave the town.

Note: This was a one-shot prelude were the players took on the roles of lvl 5 characters. The child Diri was a ghost and her father (the town leader) was an undead protecter trying to slay lady Hollowsulk who made the deal with the witches. In Crownsgift (the province the adventure was set in) it is possible to make pacts with the local hags in exchange for sacrifice or equal compensation. Milliam Hollowsulk (the lady of Briarhollow was a residium adict)



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