Erathian Empire

Prelude #3: Madsword

When Children go missing in the Realmsend Catacombs...

After hearing that two children have gone missing in the Realmsend catacombs the heroes go exploring. They learn that the children broke into the tomb of a deluded Realmsguard commander Sandion Madsword who was sealed up alive by his own men. The heroes found the tomb full of undead and one of the children being cut up to be fed to the Vampiric Sandion. The party rescued the live child Cele but had to flea Sandion. Later they learned he escaped the Catacombs via the Stonecloaks cavern.

Notes: this session was a mechanical test for players and was unplanned part of the character creation session. It was entirely improvised and did not have many story links with the larger campaign, although it does not contradict any of the campaign mythos.



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